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Mayhem South East Paintball games are pleased to announce the inaugural day of our new huge Fort Compound game on Saturday 25th April at our Dorking venue

The game zone will be completely unique and unlike any other fort on any of our venues; the sheer size of the fort is immense. There are six Towers, six buildings, a labyrinth of corridors and dead ends and a 15 foot high gantry... All inside the fort! That's without what surrounds the fort.

The idea is to get into the large compound through one of the multitude of doors, battle through the corridors and side buildings, retrieving all articles for the attackers, while clearing out the buildings of defenders. Keep control of the buildings by stopping the defenders retaking control of the buildings, can you dominate the opposition long enough so that you can get into the central compound.. Where the action intensifies further. Get the bomb from the ammo box in the compound, work up to the high gantry and get across to the terrorist HQ and set the bomb off in there...

Guaranteed adrenaline rush - this is one of the most intense games you are ever gonna play - only at Mayhem Dorking!

To book call 07801 559763

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Kent Paintball
Kent Paintball
Kent Paintball
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