Longfield (Gravesend)

Longfield is our flagship venue and the only venue we’re able to host every activity under one roof.
We stage a variety of different games on each field offering a different experience with every game you play, including; attack and defend, capture the flag, domination and team death match, so there’s something for everyone!
There’s on site car parking available and the venue is extremely accessible no matter which direction you’re traveling from as it's situated just off of the A2.
This venue operates every Saturday and Sunday subject to availability and we can open it on a week day as long as you have a minimum of 20 guests.
Please get in touch via the contact section on the home page or give us a call direct to the office.

Capacity: 160 players

Activities operated: Paintball, Young Gunz, Laser & Airsoft.

Fields: Hay Bales, Riots, Speedball, Grand Fort, Bridge field & Village.

Postcode: DA3 7AN. Full address on Locations page.